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Teens Swing With Couples
Release Date: February 20, 2018
Directed by:

Every couple could use a hot teenager to spice up their love lives! This Hustler release features young newbies who teach their older playmates some new tricks that get them revved up and ready to play hard! It's hardcore swingers with their teenage lovers that make everything new again!

4 Hour Toy Party
Release Date: October 17, 2017
Directed by:

Intensity delivers a mouth-watering 5-movie pack with multiple genres! It's gonna be a tight ride when she puckers up in 4-hour Anal Intensity, and the serious suck and blow in 4-hour Blowjobs & Facials will have fans grabbing for their zippers! But that's not all! Another three four-hour films are included in this set. Double your penetrations in 4-hour Dps & Threesomes, meet the stars in 4-hour Superstars and get out your toybox in 4-hour Toy Party! With five four-hour movies, this collection is the gift that keeps on giving, with hardcore intensity!

A History Of Lesbians
Release Date: September 27, 2016
Directed by:

Hustler has invented the hottest time machine around in this lesbian romp through history! Two cave girls fight over their head cave man only to discover how hot they are for each other, a medieval sex slave does what she must to service her queen to avoid death, and two gorgeous bank robbers from the roaring 20's get away with incredible booty, then celebrate by getting busy with each other's incredible booty! And as if that weren't enough to whip your head around, a futuristic lesbian duo come to 2016 from the year 2210 and are amazed to discover that humans haven't invented the orgasmic machine yet! This is one history lesson you won't want to miss!